This peignoir of free breed and decorated by lace and an embroidery will be ideally suited for brides and married ladies who like to fascinate and give tenderness!


This dress is finished with beautiful lacy pockets. It is flared below the waist with semi reliefs passing into clear folds. This dress is distinguished, gentle, and graceful.


This gentle summer dress is created with cascading flounces lawn with flounces made with lacy designs and with lace. It is, both romantic and graceful!


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Rich and evocative images with traditions
Great quality
Full involvement in the process from sketch
100% natural
Materials are used: linen & cotton

Beautiful & Stunningly unique

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Let's talk about cotton


Cotton is a natural fabric most demanded in the world and one of the first which is known to the mankind. It was named “white gold”, because of it drained rivers, conceived military conflicts and even took to slavery.