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Please meet - batiste!


Sometimes is possible to hear question: "Batiste - is type of cotton or other fabric?" We answer with gladness: it is fabric made of flax or cotton fibres. It is produced from the most thin yarn, and batiste "Premium" - from threads of hand yarn.

Manufacturing of batiste for the first time was developed inhabitants of India who were always a good judges in fabrics. Up to Ⅻⅼ century only merchants and travellers brought batiste to Europe, this fabric was considered foreign rara avis. But then the city dweller Cambrai on surname Batiste adjusted its production in Europe. Fabric quickly conquered popularity at European women of fashion. By the way, as opposed to the hindus who produced batiste from cotton, European weavers originally used flax.
In nineteenth century a batiste started to produce from wool too. Only delivery of this fabric ceased in the beginning of twentieth century, as production costed too expensive. Some sources say that at one time existed and silk batiste.

batist for hot climate

Now the fabrics from batiste are popular all over the world due to unique properties of fabric. Things from batiste are very easy and almost not rumples, they soft and do not cause allergy. The tailoring from batiste - unalloyed pleasure, since fabric is well tinged and draped.

The pair of decades ago it was believed that the fabrics from batiste are pertinent just of the house and on rest. But then in vogue entered eco-style and country style at first, and then "boho chic". Natural fabrics which still recently considered past vestige, turned out on the peak of fashion. Now from batiste sew inclusive of business clothes which helps very much to dog days of summer.

We hope that you was liked by the article about batiste. If it interested you, please keep in touch and soon we will publish article about wonderful linen (flax).

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