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White or cream cotton? Which one will you choose?


Many say that the difference between the white and the cream color with our products is barely noticeable, but it is still there. When making a purchase, please keep in mind that the white - so-called "snow white", and the cream - the classic color of vanilla cream are different. 

white and cream batiste


The combination of batiste and lace can also be different. You can see some of our products, such as a blouse MELITUS, or nightgown  BONATEA, makes a combination of white cotton and cream lace. When choosing the colors of the products, it is necessary to isolate the color of the lace, such as white or cream lace.

From the left to the right: the blouse FARFARA, (white), the nightgown RIMACOLA,(cream), the blouse MELITUS (white /cream lace).


shades of batiste products


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