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Let's talk about cotton


Cotton is a natural fabric most demanded in the world and one of the first which is known to the mankind. It was named “white gold”, because of it drained rivers, conceived military conflicts and even took to slavery.

In what popularity secret of cotton?

Let's begin from the history of cotton fiber. In the fifth millennium before Christ its have been already able to produce the people of modern India, Pakistan and Indians of South America. In Europe the cotton emerged in the times of Alexander the Great, but till eighteenth century it was little-known. All changed in the times of industrial revolution, when British Empire got access to cheap raw materials from India. For British for years was fixed superiority in production of goods from cotton, until at the end of nineteenth century they were not pushed by Americans. Now the main cotton exporters are USA and some African countries.

Now we will return at the present day. Modern technologies allow to produce cotton not only of white, but also green, brown and even red colour. Therefrom do related clothes and technical fabrics, as well as various threads, cords and cotton wool. But be careful: definitely natural is possible to name only an organic cotton which is cultivated without use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides treatment.
Remember a small secret: to distinguish a natural cotton from synthetics, is necessary to pull out a few threads from fiber and to set fire them. Cotton in combustion allocates a white smoke and the smell of scorched paper.

white gold cotton fabric

Let's learn at last, in what main pluses of cotton?

Advantages at cotton more than enough. Things from this fabric very durable and hold the shape long time. The clothes from cotton is soft and elastic, omits well air and absorbs moisture. Cotton things fare well washing with removal of stains. Besides, cotton is sole fabric which withstands process of sterilization.
And now we will tell you how to properly care for clothes from cotton.

So that things expensive to you be weared long and happily, is enough to know a few simple rule:

  • Clothes from cotton is better to erase at temperature up to 60°C; thin colour things are - up to 40°C.
  • Fabrics with decorative finish is better to stroke after they will dry up in mode “wool” or in mode of “cotton” through humid fabric.
  • For pressing thin and transparent things is recommended "silk" mode.
  • Before to iron thing, is worth to check flat-iron on morsel of cotton fiber.


We will be glad, if our article turned out useful for you. Please wear cotton with pleasure!

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